Lucki Bot

Lucki Bot front view, 3 big red trays to put items on and a vertical screen on top of it

Who am I?

I'm the newest member of your staff, always ready to serve food, guide customers or deliver goods wherever I am needed, at your command.

Thanks to the power of ZBOS, I can be programmed to fulfil your needs.


Capabilities & Use cases

Multi-tray design

Lucki can be equipped with up to 4 trays offering a total carrying capacity of 40kg. The tray height is adjustable and the trays are easy to load and unload. Thanks to the anti-slip surface, items placed on the tray reach their destination without risk of spilling or falling. 

Vision for safety

Thanks to excellent 3D depth vision, Lucki is aware of obstacles that most other robots would overlook. Lucki can rapidly scan the surrounding environment in real time, safely avoiding obstacles, travelling steady and navigating accurately to its destination.

Loud & clear

Using a 6 microphone ring array, Lucki's hearing has a 360 degree coverage so that any spoken commands can be understood from close to medium range. The built-in speakers offer faithful audio reproduction and are perfect to be heard in loud or noisy areas.

  • Help customers find what they are looking for
  • Mobile advertisement
  • Hand out samples and tasters
  • Carry items around the shop
  • Bring food to the tables
  • Collect crockery
  • Announce daily suggestions
  • Assist staff
  • Deliver items and parts
  • Collect and distribute documents
  • Greet and guide visitors
  • Provide assistance

Media & details

Dimensions 53x50x132cm
Weight 47kg
Material Aviation aluminum and high strength PC+ABS (food grade plastic)
Load per tray 10kg
Maximum load 40kg
CPU Qualcomm 8-core
OS Android 9
SLAM Lidar + visual positioning + object avoidance + odometer + IMU
Audio 360° array of 6 microphones with 5m range
Screen 10.1 inch 1080P vertical
Connectivity 4G + WiFi
Charging time 3.5 hours
Speed range 0.5 - 1.2 m/s
Autonomy 12 - 15 hours
Lucki Bot in isomorphic perspective. Showing 3 red platforms and a vertical screen

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