Billy-Billy with plant

Who am I?

I'm an interactive flowerpot whose goal is to make the lives of elderly people more comfortable and cozy.  

With my sensors, I capture the temperature of the room I'm in and the amount of light that enters, by doing this I can help elderly people in taking care of plants or herbs.


Capabilities & Use cases


Billy-Billy will recognise the plant or herb sown in soil. In other words, Billy-Billy will be familiar with the plant’s/ herb’s water, light and temperature needs, and will know, thanks to its light and moisture sensors, to remind the plant’s/herb’s owner about these to prevent stunted growth.

It's time

Billy-Billy is a lifetime companion. Connected to the internet and a personal diary, it remembers the day the family are coming to visit and the time medication needs to be taken.

Take care

It enjoys being cared for, but Billy-Billy is first and foremost there to care for its owner. On very hot weather, it will be the first to remind its owner to stay hydrated and ventilate the room.


A robot for all, whether you are green-fingered or not. Connected to the internet and a dedicated platform, Billy-Billy is capable of reading messages your loved ones have sent you. No need for a smartphone or laptop to receive a short message or thoughtful word: Billy-Billy is also rather like a postman…

  • Remind to take medication

Our Vision

What if a robot could nurture social bonds?

Sometimes the smallest things in life are the most important. Thanks to Billy-Billy, a simple seed sown in soil becomes a pretext for taking care of ourselves and others. Billy-Billy is the name of a robot which, when thinking of your houseplant, will also inconspicuously think of you. By reminding you that it needs water, heat and light, this smart, connected flowerpot will also take care of your needs and remind you of the day’s agenda. So, whether or not you are someone who talks to your plants, Billy-Billy will talk to you and even read you messages your loved ones have sent you.

Media & details

Dimensions 210mm x 180mm x 145mm
Weight Without soil: 705 g. The soil weighs about 320g
Material ABS
IP Class IP-21
CPU 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53
RAM 1 GB LPDDR2 memory
Speakers Stereo – 2x 3W
WiFi Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
Connectivity 2 USB ports, Ethernet port
Sensors Light (x2), Humidity, Temperature

We Care

Zora Bots is founded on social and entrepreneurial responsibility. We decided to create solutions and robots which improve the day-to-day life of and relationships between human beings. It’s a vision that we have named "Who cares? We care!". 
Billy-Billy is 100% inspired by this value and targeted at the elderly.

Fabrice Goffin and Tommy Deblieck / co-CEO’s of ZoraBots

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