James Robot with ZoraBots logo on screen

Who am I?

I'm the butler you’ve been waiting for. I move fast, think smart and scan my environment in the blink of an eye…


Capabilities & Use cases


Its friendly face ensures a positive experience. James can listen and talk to you or your clients and engage in a conversation. He can project pictures on video on-screen to support and inform. Using his touch screen, information can be entered for surveys and marketing studies.


With his camera James can recognise you or your clients, and provide a personalised greeting. With it's advanced technology James can determine your age, gender and other attributes in the glimpse of an eye.


Equipped with Lidar technology, James can navigate a floor plan with ease, wether it's for helping clients find the way to your products or patrolling when you are not around, James has you and it's surroundings covered.

    • Recognise clients or employees just by looking at them
    • Display information on his tablet
    • Collect customer feedback
    • Liberate valuable time for employees and clients
    • Tell visitors fun facts about the surroundings
    • Tell guests when breakfast is served
    • Create an unforgettable shopping experience
    • Inform visitors if an item is available in stock
    • Help customers find what they look for
    • Guide clients across your shop or office: James knows its way

    Media & details

    Height 800 mm
    Depth 420 mm
    Width 420 mm
    Weight 17 kg (including the packaging)
    Autonomy 9 to 12h
    Display 10" capacitive high sensitivity screen
    Cameras 13 MP
    Sensors 1 head button, 1 lidar, 2 bumpers, 2 microswitches (at the back), 1 IR-detector
    James with ZoraBots logo

    Our vision

    It’s time for robots to show their value. And it’s time for robots to play a role. Not to be better than humans but to help humans become better

    Fabrice Goffin and Tommy Deblieck / co-CEO's of Zorabots

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