Who am I?

I'm going to help you with your first steps into the world of programming robots. Boost your creativity by imagining new ways to interact with me!

The only limit is your imagination!


Capabilities & Use cases


Enjoy the many crazy songs, dance moves and animations. Or just create your own!

STEM partner

From theory to practice, bringing passion into the classrooms and inspiring talent. Robin brings STEM to life in a fun and creative way.


Safely connect to the robot remotely and access the camera to keep an eye on things. Need to intervene? Let the robot speak a message

Schoolbag robot

Robin is small, light and easy to carry around. A great help for schoolwork inside and outside of the classroom.

Fully programmable

Start with a visual programming tool like ZBOS Composer or Scratch.. Or level up by integrating with the ZBOS MQTT API in Python, C++, Javascript or any other language of choice.

Media & Details

Robin on the inside
Size 245*149*112mm (H*W*D)
Weight 700g
Connectivity WiFi and 4G SIM
Sensors head sensor, distance sensor, gyroscope
Camera 13MP auto focus
Mic 4 Mic array, chest Mic

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